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Safe and Solar

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We have been applying window film products to glass in the retail, commercial and domestic sectors across Hampshire for 19 years. We therefore have a thorough knowledge of the applications and uses of window film, vinyl and manifestations to all sectors.

Accredited supply and installation, rams operated installation with CSCS and IPAF certified operatives

We offer a wide range of domestic conservatory, sunshade options and UV reduction films that will limit UV damage to expensive furniture, carpets and art works, in addition to large bomb blast protection for commercial multi floor offices.

We also offer bespoke graphic and partition manifestation to provide privacy in open plan office environment.

Schools, retail shops and public buildings still have a long way to go to protect their glazing that falls within reg14 compliance, therefore ensuring all glass will break safely. This is achieved by installing a 100 micron safety film that will laminate the glass ensuring glass splinters are contained in the event of breakage.

Many accidents are caused by people walking into unmarked glass. We can provide a manifestation strip, dots or a company logo graphic vinyl that can be applied to the glass at the correct heights to protect against these kinds of incidents.

There are still too many glass related accidents in the UK annually to ignore responsibility for glass safety. We undertake full safety audits and surveys – from large multi-building sites to single dwellings and shops. We always encourage a survey to assess the site and test the glass for suitability of window film and particular type, access issues and to provide different film options to the customers’ needs. Samples will be provided, and larger jobs may require​e a trial to satisfy landlords conditions.

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07799 553442
07867 520965
Fareham, Hampshire

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Skills & Services

  • Conservatory Glass Heat Reduction Film
  • Window film
  • Window Tinting


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