For Homeowners

What England’s lockdown means for work on your home

As Lockdown 3.0 comes into effect across England, you may be concerned what that means as Tradespeople and welcoming Tradespeople into your home.

The Government has confirmed Tradespeople can continue on site and entering other people’s homes to carry out work they’re unable to do so remotely. We’ve put together all you need to know about what is legal and how to be safe during this difficult time.

Can a tradesperson enter another’s home in England?

Yes, following the Government guidelines, workers may enter another’s home if the tasks are unable to be carried out remotely. Of course, still adhering to social distancing.

How can Homeowners and Tradespeople remain safe?

Communication is key. Understanding how the work will be done will allow both to ensure social distancing and hygiene measures in mind. Here are our top tips to help stop the spread:
• Keep proper ventilation throughout the home by opening windows.
• Leave all doors open, removing the need to touch door handles.
• Always keep social distancing in mind – ensuring a two-metre distance whilst working.
• Disinfect surfaces others may have come into contact with.
• Notify the other party immediately if the Homeowner or Tradespeople develop symptoms of Coronavirus, so appropriate measures can be taken – such as self-isolation and testing.

For more information, you can check the latest government guidelines here.